- XBOX 360 repairs service in Toronto area, Ontario, GTA, also @ your home




Repairs service at my place, or at your home for your XBOX 360, if in Toronto, Ontario, GTA, but also entire Canada, via mail in. Services offered in Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Ajax, Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge, Burlington, Newmarket, York, Ontario, GTA, Canada.

If you are having problems like the "Red Ring of Death" error, or other problems with overheating consoles, graphic errors, and freeze ups, reading disks problems, etc I can fix it for you in less than 1 hour. 3 red lights RoD - this is a hardware failure caused by overheating.

If you are an owner of an Xbox 360 then no doubt you have some hardware problems at some time and heard about 3 Red Rings (Lights) of Death or needed Xbox 360 Repairs on your console, either the dvd drive of the XBOX 360 is stucked, makes scratchy noise or doesn't read games (unplayable disk) or you have no video / audio only problem.

3 red lights repair, broken dvd drive replacements, freeze-ups, no video / no audio, no video / audio only, error E65, E69, E73, E74 and all the other types of errors.

cleaning of the heatsinks, cpu/gpu dies
aligning the gpu
use of the best thermal compound on the market
xclamp removal
testing in game play


Guaranteed Service

I offer 30 days warranty on my service, if something happens, if the unit breakes again, you have the FREE repair. Extended warranty also available.

CAUTION : OVERHEAT ! Either if you have your console repaired or not, the problem with XBOX 360 is the HEAT ! I do recommend to play with the console in flat position (horizontal), also, if you have a smaller air fan at home, please use it to blow air on the right side of the xbox 360. As long as you keep the console cooled down you will not have any other problems. Happy gamin'.

Upgrade now to the new heat sink!

It prevents overheating!!!

Xbox 360 DVD drive replacement

Is the DVD drive in your Xbox 360 not working? Doesn't play games? Open tray messages, disc unreadable messages? dirty disc messages? scratching games? It's time for a replacement with a brand new drive.

If I don't have your drive model, it may take a few days, to have it ordered and shipped.
please contact me if interested to buy

Transfer your saved games and content from your old hard drive to the new one!

Transfer from 20Gb, 60Gb, 120 Gb or 250 Gb.

Diagnosing and repairing XBOX 360 slim edition !!!

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"I would like to thank you for fixing the xbox, you made two kids very happpy. You have a super tallent, all the best. Dana" - Dana (email) on 02/15/2014

"Went to see Adrian last week. He has done am excellent job reviving my white old Xbox360 back to life from a Error E18. I totally recommend Adrian to anyone who needs to get a dead 360 back to life. " - Tony (email) on 01/07/2013

"I recently encountered the dreaded E74 code. Adrian fixed it up in 15 minutes. Even fixed it so the fans seems to run with more power to keep the Xbox cooler. thanks" - gene on 01/07/2013

"I required a module as mine was causing problems with the controller connecting and leaving one of the four green lights on the ring burnt out. Adrian walked in did the fix and left before I could even make a pot of coffee. My machine behaves like new and right out of the box. Many thanks." - Peter (email) on 05/04/2012

"Adrian was great to work with. I dropped the XBox off at his place and he followed up with me twice when I was unable to pick it up as first planned. Would recommend to anyone and I would definitely call him again inthe future." - Mark (email) on 01/29/2012

"Great work and very fast. Adrian fixed my 3 red ring problem about a week ago and it has been running great since. Will definitely go back if I have any other problems." - Andrew Bellissimo on 07/03/2011

"I found Adrian from a website search as I was in need of upgrades to my Xbox and help with my wireless system. And am I glad I did. He is by far honest, pleasant, knowledgeable and more than fair with his prices. Stop looking for someone to help you with your matter what it is computer wise...Adrian will take care of it and fast. Thank you so much for your help. Peter." - Peter (email) on 06/03/2011

"Had the 3 red rings of death. Adrian had great communication with e-mails, quick fast service, great suggestions, and X-Box 360 working with no problems now. Dropped it off, and before I could finish with some paperwork and e-mails he was done and I was on my way home. Thanks Adrian, I was really looking forward to trying out the new Map packs, ran for the first hour with no problems" - Michael on 05/05/2011

"I live in Nova Scotia and my son had damaged our xbox 360. I contact Adrian via email, and sent him my damaged machine. He was fast repairing it and sending it back to us. Thanks Adrian" - Stuart (email) on 03/25/2011

"I had the hated 'three red lights' problem with my xBOX 360 so when I found Adrian on the 'net' I got in touch with him via email. Several hours later on the same day I dropped off the machine for him, had a coffee and read the newspaper nearby and 'presto' my machine was ready and it's now working perfectly. No shipping to Microsoft or some faceless 'repair' place, waiting for weeks and costing $$$$!!! Adrian fixed it easily, quickly and very affordably! Adrian is THE BEST!!!! If you're having trouble with your Xbox take it to Adrian the Genius!!!" - Mark on 02/21/2011

"Best service repair ever. Worth the drive to TO. Got the 1-ring E74 error. It was either buy a new 360 box, Send it in for repair for 3 months for $150.00 or have Adrian work on it for less than the 2 put together. Inexpensive even. In under 10-15 minutes, the error was gone. Recommended to keep a fan near it and voila. Error free. Thank you so much. Adrian knows what he's doing and I'll definitely recommend him to everyone and anyone. " - Marianne G (email) on 02/11/2011

"I have been playing my Xbox a few hours a day since Adrian fixed it. He fixed it one Saturday morning in 40 minutes, which included the new heatsink. This guy really knows his stuff, do not hesitate to have your Xbox fixed using his service. I am a very satisfied customer. Great communication as well." - Shawn (email) on 11/04/2010

"Adrian was easy to get in touch with and he replied to my emails really quickly. He was available right away, and when he arrived he was cool guy to talk to and it was obvious he knew exactly what he was doing. He took care of the problem like a professional. You can trust him with your Xbox, I would do business with him again in a second!" - Shahrukh (email) on 09/09/2010

"This guy knows what he's doing. I got him to repair an e74 error on my 360, and fixed it in almost no time. You can trust adrian with your problems. He will help anyone" - David (email) on 09/06/2010

"I sent my xbox 360 on the 7th of June and arrived on the 15th of june and the person fixed it from the 15th to the 17th and he said he fixed it and it is running and tested it so when I get it back it will be as good as new, I would recommend this service 2 anyone and everyone. " - Josh MacMullin (email) on 06/17/2010

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